Frequently Asked Questions

Who is welcome to take lessons?

EVERYONE is welcome to take lessons! We support any and all people who are interested in trying out pole dancing!

I’ve never done pole, which class should I start with?

Check out our step-by-step guide here! We recommend starting with Intro to Pole or Pole Foundations both of which are designed for first timers!

Do I need certain skills to start taking class?

Nope! Any strength and flexibility you see in our upper level polers comes from years of training and practice. No one starts at the top! Come check out our yoga and strength courses for building skills inside and outside of pole.


What should I wear to class?

Wear whatever is most comfortable to you! Any workout clothes are suitable: leggings, shorts, t-shirt, tank top, etc. Shorts are encouraged for pole foundations in case of skin grip, but not necessary. You can go barefoot or wear socks!

Please remember to not put on any lotion or skin oils or wear any metal hand jewelry such as rings on the day of your scheduled class.

You can always check the class descriptions and special instructions for special class attire.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

We have a no refund policy at Pole Factory MKE. If you cancel three or more hours before class time, you have class credit for another time. If you late cancel within the three hours, you will not receive studio credit. Only 1 early cancel per class credit is allowed.

To reschedule a class with a drop-in credit, you will only be able to reschedule the exact same class you booked the first time. For example: if you booked “Pole Foundations: Choreo”, you will only be able to re-book that class specifically. Please email us if you’d like to re-book a class of equal value (such as Pole Foundations or Intro to Pole in the example).

No-showing to a class will result in losing that class credit. If you no-show more than twice then you will be charged a $5 fee.

There are no refunds for event tickets or retail purchases.

What happens if I am late to class?

There is a 10 minute window for late entries. After the 10 minutes, you will not be permitted to enter as missing the warm-up period leaves you at risk of injury. Consistently late arrivals can also result in a $5 fee, up to instructor’s discretion.


What is a Waitlist?

Waitlist means that the class is full but you are in a list to be automatically pulled into class. If someone drops the class before the late cancel period, you will be automatically moved into the class. You will receive a notification if you come off the waitlist. If you cannot attend, be sure to remove yourself form the waitlist.

Is there a weight limit on the poles?

There are no (meaningful) weight limits on the poles! It would take multiple humans and extreme force to dislodge our poles, so all bodies are welcome!

Why can’t I wear lotion or hand jewelry?

Lotion on body will make your skin slippery, especially when you sweat, making it more difficult to grip the pole. Our poles are metal and hand jewelry tends to be metal as well, the two can scratch, carving into our poles and leaving you at risk of metal splinters.


Can I come to watch a class?

For the respect and comfort of all participants, if you sign up for a class you do have to participate. Obviously different bodies may result in needing more breaks, and that’s fine, but purely to watch is not permitted.

Can I just walk in?

We are a small studio, so pre-registration is required. Our online booking system is always available, but we are always checking email, Instagram DMs, and our phones so if you last minute want to see if there’s space in a class, feel free to reach out to us or your instructor. But you do need permission to show up unregistered.

Are children allowed to attend?

Anyone over the age of 16 is allowed to participate, be that they sign a waiver. However, we are not able to accommodate child care in any way and anyone within the studio building must be participating in class.


What do we offer adult entertainers?

The Pole Factory is committed to respect and support of the local stripping community. Our staff consists of many current and retired strippers. Adult entertainers are welcome within our space and to wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing.

How many classes until I get good at pole dancing?

Everyone has different goals for pole dancing: strength, flow, tricks, heels or no heels, and each comes with its own particular set of skills and challenges. Pole is not a race or a challenge, it is an experience and you will improve in different ways depending on the time you feel you want to put in.