Private Lessons

What is a private lesson?

A private lesson is a personalized session that is designed for what you want and catered to your level. People schedule private lessons for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: designing choreography for competitions, working on specific tricks, guided learning in a private environment, and more. Choose from any of our very talented instructors!

Available Packages:

$70 for one, individual lesson

$190 for a pack of three lessons ($63 each)

$300 for a pack of five lessons ($60 each)

**Private lessons are priced for one person, if you are looking to do a semi-private lesson for two or more people, please inquire by email with the number of people who are interested.**

Ways to Book:

If you’re uncertain on who you’d like to work with:

– Email  [email protected]

– By emailing us, you can let us know what level or style you’re interested in learning, what goals you may have in mind, or anything else that has led you to consider a private lesson.

– We can then suggest possible instructors who will best align with your goals and wants!

You can also check out our team here

– Clicking on their picture will lead you to their Instagram where you are welcome to message them directly for availability for scheduling a private.

– You are also welcome to email to coordinate scheduling. 

– Each member has a bio for looking over, you can also check out their Instagram for more information on their style or our class schedule for the levels they teach!