Private Lessons

What is a private lesson?

A private lesson is a personalized session that is designed for what you want and catered to your level. People schedule private lessons for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: designing choreography for competitions, working on specific tricks, guided learning in a private environment, and more. Choose from any of our very talented instructors!

Prices: $60 each, 3 for $160, 5 for $260

Ways to Book:

– Email  [email protected]

– Contact your instructor of choice individually either in class or by Instagram DM.

Available Instructors

  • amanda bean
    • pole: beginner-advanced level tricks and choreography
    • off-the-pole choreography
  • Megan Judy
    • pole: beginner- intermediate level
  • Mindi
    • pole: beginner-intermediate level
  • Stacy
    • physical therapy for pole dancers
    • nutrition counseling
    • beginner pole
  • Terri
    • pole: beginner-advanced level
    • off-the-pole choreography
    • strip club audition prep